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Agria - D (50 gm)

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Agria - D (50 gm)

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SKU: CPS_0002
Supplier Name: Choices Prosperity Solutions India Private Limited
Product Category: Humic Acid Based PGR

Main Features:

• Promotes rapid root and shoot growth.

• Quick establishment of the seedlings, cuttings & transplanted crops.

• Immunity to soil borne diseases.

Best for: vegetables, fruit crops, floriculture, nursery & field crops

Best for: Adverse conditions, can be used in all seasons

Compatible with: Fertilizers and pesticides

Customer Care

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Agria - D is a dry, soluble, rooting stimulant that promotes rapid root growth & thereby helps in quick establishment of the seedlings, cuttings & transplanted crops. It activates the natural defense mechanism of the plants to soil borne diseases.
Humic Acids – 39%
Cold Water Kelp Extracts – 25%
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – 20%
Amino Acids – 9%
Myo-Inositol – 4%
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – 2%
Alpha – tocopherol (Vitmamin E) – 1%
Total – 100%
Mode of Action:
• Agria – D is blend of naturally derived plant growth stimulating substances. It contains right mix of Humic Acids and other components.
• Humic acids and cold water sea kelp extracts provide necessary root stimulating properties and help the crop to cope with environmental stress. Other ingredients help promote rapid growth.
• In pure technical form, easily soluble in water
• Compatible with fertilizers and pesticides

Additional Information

Name Agria - D (50 gm)
Return Policy N/A
Per Weight No
Technical Name Soluble Rooting Stimulant
Chemical Name Humic Acid
Variety N/A
Dosage Nursery: Apply at the rate of 1gm Agria – D in 1 litre water
Main field: Apply at the rate of 100 gms Agria – D per acre
Packaging Size 50 gm X 96 bottles
Usage / Application Method of application:
• Foliar application: Mix 1gm Agria – D with 1 litre of water and spray
• Soil drenching: Mix 1gm Agria – D with 1 litre of water and apply near the root zone
• Drip irrigation: Apply at the rate equivalent to 100 gms per acre per application
Time of application:
• Nursery: At sowing/germination/ about 7-10 days after transplanting
• Main field:
a. For transplanted crops: Within 7-10 days after transplanting
b. For direct sown crops: Within 14-21 days from the date of sowing
No of Application:
• Two applications at 20 days interval. In case of tree crop (Eg: Mango, Pineapple, Banana, etc.) to be applied at monthly interval.
Benefits • Promotes rapid root and shoot growth
• Quicker establishment of seedings, cuttings and transplanted crops
• Helps minimizing stress associated with environment and enhances crop yield and quality
Compatible with • Compatible with fertilizers and pesticides
Video Titles No
video links No
Manufacturer Choices Prosperity Solution India Private Limited
Package Size No

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